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Tigers in Terai

Adventures of Riley Children’s Book Series

Written by Amanda Lumry and Laura Hurwitz

Illustrated by Sarah McIntyre

Published by Scholastic

Scholastic Reading Counts/Accelerated Reader Title

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• Text Editing

• Book Design

• Project Management

Riley journeys to the distant Terai Arc region of India and Nepal in search of the elusive Bengal tiger! Joined by his Cousin Alice, Aunt Martha, and Uncle Max, Riley faces snakes, bats, rhinos, and more while stalking these endangered big cats. Or are they stalking him? A children’s book series unlike any other, the award-winning Adventures of Riley titles feature non-stop action, wild and weird animal facts, real-life scientists, and stunning visuals that blend vibrant character art with spectacular panoramic photographs.

“The kid-friendly text is interspersed with tidbits of information supplied from noted scientists. The illustrations are a visual adventure, combining real photographs and cartoon-style figures and settings. There are many environmental lessons to be learned…” – ForeWord Magazine

“This is an exciting new series for families interested in learning together about wildlife and conservation issues around the world; an engaging combination of photos, fact and fiction.” – Hilary Williamson, Bookloons