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Dolphins in Danger

Adventures of Riley Children’s Book Series

Written by Amanda Lumry and Laura Hurwitz

Illustrated by Sarah McIntyre

Published by Scholastic

Scholastic Reading Counts/Accelerated Reader Title

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Riley travels to the South Pacific island of Moorea with his Uncle Max, Aunt Martha, and Cousin Alice. Their mission is to study spinner dolphins while basking in the warmth and charm of Polynesian culture. However, things take a turn for the worse when several dolphins become trapped in a local lagoon! Riley holds the key to their survival, but between surfing lessons and close encounters with humpback whales, will he realize it in time?

A children’s book series unlike any other, the award-winning Adventures of Riley titles feature non-stop action, wild and weird animal facts, real-life scientists, and stunning visuals that blend vibrant character art with spectacular panoramic photographs.

“Imaginative, informative and, in part, inspirational, this latest book in the ‘Adventures of Riley’ series draws readers…into the exhilarating world of wildlife conservation.” – Susan Farrington, The Sanford Herald

“…takes children on their own learning adventure and opens the door to ask further questions about the world around them in an interesting and refreshingly different way.” – Tasha Whitton, Book Review Editor,