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Polar Bear Puzzle

Adventures of Riley Children’s Book Series

Written by Amanda Lumry and Laura Hurwitz

Published by Scholastic

Scholastic Reading Counts/Accelerated Reader Title

Responsible for:

• Text Editing

• Ghostwriting (select passages)

• Book Design

• Project Management

Riley and family fly north to Churchill, Canada, to watch polar bears hunt seals from the ice of the Hudson Bay. There’s just one problem: no ice! For polar bears, no ice means no seals, and without food, the bears can quickly become hungry, weak, and dangerous! It’s a race against time as everyone searches for clues to this puzzling climate mystery. Will the ice freeze in time — or at all? And is that a hungry polar bear at Riley’s door?

A children’s book series unlike any other, the award-winning Adventures of Riley titles feature non-stop action, wild and weird animal facts, real-life scientists, and stunning visuals that blend vibrant character art with spectacular panoramic photographs.

“The Adventures of Riley books have been the most popular books in the class. My students love learning about wildlife conservation while enjoying a captivating story at the same time!” – Michelle Hadian, Teacher, Mulkiteo Elementary, Mukilteo, WA

“Thanks to the unique Adventures of Riley series, kids can learn about the world and environment they will one day inherit and lead.” – Kevin Richardson of the Backstreet Boys, Musician, Actor & Founder of Just Within Reach