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The Oligarchs

Economic/Political/Historical Essay

Written by Swedish economist, Claes Ericson

Published in the U.S. by Stockholm Text

Responsible for:

• Text Editing (of English translation)

The Oligarchs is the incredible true story of how a small group of young entrepreneurs came to be some of the world’s richest and most corrupt men, ultimately wielding control over the President and politics of the fallen super-power that is now Russia. The book includes in-depth profiles of 20 of the most infamous Russian oligarchs.

“Claes Ericson has written an overwhelming book about the oligarchs and their fascinating way to enormous wealth. Many of the anecdotes are absolutely astonishing and Ericson also knows how to tell them in the right way. Ericson really knows what we writes about.” – Dagens Nyheter, Sweden’s largest daily newspaper

“…full of remarkable observations and statistics about the tremendous pace of change in Russia…a damn good book.” –