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Fuzzy Forensics

Children’s Non-Fiction Animal Book

By L. E. Carmichael, PhD

Published by Ashby-BP Publishing

Responsible for:

• Cover Design

• Interior Page Design

• Prepress/Printer Prep

A wild elk and her calf, held behind the fences of a Canadian game ranch. Endangered parrots captured in the wild and sold as pets. African elephants butchered for the ivory in their tusks. In Fuzzy Forensics: DNA Fingerprinting Gets Wild, you’ll discover how witnesses, conservation officers, veterinarians, and scientists join forces to solve countless crimes against wildlife, all around the world.

Explore real cases that take you from the crime scene to the laboratory to the courtroom. See how scientists use DNA fingerprints to identify endangered species, match wild parents with their babies, or trace an animal victim’s home country. Become a wildlife detective by tackling four crime-busting experiments.

Containing vivid images, interviews with experts, and tons of hair-raising facts, Fuzzy Forensics will convince you that the only difference between solving human crimes and wildlife ones is the fur.

Fuzzy Forensics is a wonderful way to stimulate young minds and pique interest in forensic science.” – KATHY REICHS, PhD, Bestselling author of the Temperance Brennan books and the YA Virals book series, Producer of the hit TV series BONES

“The layout is vibrant and loaded with photographs…explanations remain age-appropriate and thorough. [M]anages to successfully couple two high-interest topics–forensics and wildlife–into one satisfying and original read for science lovers.” – Booklist