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Going to School is Easy Now

Children’s Picture Book

By Doris Bowman and Maritsa Bowman

Illustrated by Jason Hutton

Published by Journey Books, LLC

Responsible for:

• Text Editing

Going to school was hard for Manny Moose! HE didn’t like not knowing who the teacher would be, or who the other kids would be. He didn’t like not knowing what the snack would be, or what was coming next! But now he’s had a chance to visit his classroom and see the big schedule his teacher has on the wall. The teachers helped him when he was worried about snack, and when he missed his family. He even found out his best friend ALSO likes trains and trucks! Within the pages of this book, Manny shares why going to school was hard at first and how, with some help from his mom and his teachers, going to school is EASY NOW!

In this captivating children’s picture book, first in the EASY NOW Series™, the authors have crafted a tale that is not only visually appealing and relatable, but delivers characters and cadence that keep children wanting to return to it time and time again. Beneath the beauty of the illustrations, and the first person voice and experiences that draw children and parents into the story, Doris and Maritsa have incorporated sophisticated layers of purpose in both text and illustrations that exceed those of many children’s stories, serving needs that are on the forefront of today’s medical, educational and societal conversations.

Designed to ease the stress of everyday activities that create chronically challenging behaviors in typically developing children, as well as those with ADD, autism spectrum disorder, and other disabilities, future titles in the Easy Now Series™ will help children and parents navigate struggles in a variety of areas such as Going to School is Easy Now, Solving Problems is Easy Now, and Changing Plans is Easy Now.