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Ellie the Wienerdog: It’s Hard to be Good

Ellie the Wienerdog: It’s Hard to be Good

Written by K. J. Hales

Illustrated by Serene Wyatt

Published by Open Door Press

Responsible for:

• Cover Co-Design

• Page Layouts

• Prepress/Printer Prep

Ellie tries, really tries, to be good as she faces temptation over and over again. But how can a wiener dog resist? There are sandwiches and trash baskets and freshly baked ham sending heavenly smells straight to her wriggly nose. Ellie so wants to please because she loves to hear “What a good dog!” but she is also taunted by naughtiness because she thinks with her nose. She smells and sniffs and it’s hard for her to be good when she gets a whiff!  Children, and adults alike will find Ellie’s tale hilariously relatable. What will she do when put to the ultimate test? Ellie’s irresistible charm radiates from every colorful, energetic page as she struggles in her desire to do the right thing. Her expressions tell the story, making Ellie the Wienerdog a pup readers will come to know and love. With playful text and equally boisterous art, this book invites readers to join in the fun over and over again.

“Winning and charming this is a book filled with Ellie’s adventures and how hard she tries to be good.  Absolutely adorable with stunning pictures of Ellie as only as cute as a dachshund can be!  Straight A’s for this illustrated picture book rather in the style of Little Golden books, romping along with Ellie – one adorable little dachshund’s trials and tribulations for its humans! 5 stars!” – The Review Broads

“This book should be in every kindergarten classroom as well as in family libraries…5 out of 5 Stars!” – Carla Johnson-Hicks, Educator

“Ellie is a dog who faces temptations daily but so wants to be good. Her constant battle to behave is sure to entertain any child or adult who reads it.” – Lisa’s Writopia