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This Skin I’m In

This Skin I’m In

Written by Courtney Crane

Illustrated by Karen Henneck

Published by Pirate Moon Press

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• Book Design

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The zany story begins when a ragtag group of jungle friends voice discontent with their individual appearances. Following much complaining, they hatch a preposterous plan to trade their skins with one another. The plan is doomed and the goofy friends experience a variety of hilarious humiliations: Giraffe lays an egg, Leopard sounds like a goose, Flamingo gets tangled in a tree, and Elephant is stung by bees. Orangutan, dressed in Leopard’s spots, observes the sticky wicket evolve and wisely suggests that they should just be themselves. Fun and fanciful illustrations reinforce the story’s message of the importance of individuality, gratitude, and self-esteem. A delightful read for all ages, but especially appropriate for ages 4-11.

“A fabulously fun tale with a moral message that will encourage self-esteem. My children adore this story.” – Stephanie Schirm, B.S. Education M.Ed., Richland School District, Richland, WA, 2013 Washington DECA  Advisor of the Year

This Skin I’m In captures the brave honesty and sincere beauty of being ourselves. Through the rhyming prose and whimsical illustrations, Courtney and Karen create a conscientious story which will touch the hearts of children and adults alike. Perfect for teachers and parents!”– Sonja Sutton Gayer, Education Consultant, Southwest Plains Regional Service Center

This Skin I’m In is very relevant for these times when self-doubt and self-esteem are so important to developing youth. The story cleverly illustrates how we are all unique and how to embrace our differences.”– Shavani Suri, Fourth Grade Teacher, Villa Maria Elementary Erie, PA