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Ben and Pirate Moon

Ben and Pirate Moon

Written by Courtney Crane

Illustrated by Karen Henneck

Published by Pirate Moon Press

Responsible for:

• Book Design

• Text Editing/Proofreading

• Prepress/Printer Prep

Let your imagination soar alongside Ben and Pirate Moon as they embark upon a galactic adventure. Sailing through the glittering night, they explore the universe in a pirate ship of Ben’s dreams. The escapade leads them to the Big Dipper where Ben skips down the gangplank and splashes bravely into its starry depths. They sail to Saturn to slide gleefully along Saturn’s rings and stop to shoot stars that dazzle like fireworks from the ship’s cannon. With dawn quickly approaching, they encounter a fiery comet that disables their ship. Will Ben make it back to earth and safely home to his cozy bed before his incredible dream ends?

Ben and Pirate Moon is a magical and whimsical journey of imagination. The illustrations are truly breathtaking, taking the reader on the spectacular nighttime adventure right along with Ben. An absolutely perfect book for parents, grandparents, and educators to share with children of all ages.” – Emily Trujillo, M.S.CCC/SLP, Casper, Wyoming

“A great bedtime story I would read to my children over and over. Ben and Pirate Moon is a creative, fanciful tale to help spark the imagination of children everywhere.” – Carmie Pfenning, Retired Teacher, 30 Years of Experience at the Primary Level, Galeton, Colorado

“The creative thoughts of both the author and the illustrator are phenomenal. Ben and Pirate Moon would be amazing for children (and adults) of all ages! The illustrations make you feel as though you are there with Ben on his great adventures.” – Haley Quiroz, Preschool Teacher, Greeley, Colorado