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Pen•man [pen-muhn]: noun, 1. a person, such as a skilled author or scribe, who is professionally engaged in writing.

PenmanWorks was founded by renowned children’s book veteran, Michael Penman. (Yes, that is his real last name!) Reading novels since age 5, Michael’s illustrious publishing career began rather humbly, when a simple college assignment resulted in an unexpected job offer from the computer department at Kinko’s.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Quickly ascending the ranks of print publishing and children’s marketing, Michael has become one of the industry’s leading authorities on children’s books and character branding.

Armed with versatile writing chops, a passion for grammatical excellence, and boundless creative vision, Michael is committed to his clients and their savvy young audiences.

He currently lives in Scappoose, OR, with his beautiful wife and extremely bright eleven year-old son.