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“Michael, you are clearly good at what you do, and it shows in the editing you’ve done for my manuscripts. Thank you for your extensive and helpful comments!”

— J. Brandon Barnes, Science Fiction Author


“Your expertise improved both of our books tremendously and we were overjoyed with the final products! You were patient, flexible, diligent, and professional throughout the unpredictable process and we genuinely appreciated it!”

— Courtney Crane (author) and Karen Henneck (illustrator), Pirate Moon Press


“Michael has been vital to the success of many projects delivered to clients by AJ & Associates, LLC. He brings intelligence, creativity, and a level of dedication to every job that is rare in a sub-contractor. Without fail, Michael’s work is top quality, he delivers beyond expectation, and is a pleasure to work with. With Michael on a job, I know I can confidently guarantee a client excellent results and a great experience overall. I recommend Michael for editorial as well as graphic design work without hesitation.”

— Anna Johnson, President, AJ & Associates LLC and Picture Book Originals


“Michael is absolutely AMAZING. His skill and professionalism are of the highest quality; and the man himself is an absolute gem. Not only would I ask him to work with us again, I would beg him.”

— Mary Dunford, Principal, Ashby-BP Publishing


“Excellent work by a consummate publishing pro.”

— Matt Shoard, Founder and Editor, Fleeting Books (UK)


“When I started on a new enterprise at becker&mayer and needed to put together a top development team, Michael was the first person I called. Results have exceeded all hopes. Michael is that unusual combination of graphic designer and consummate editor. How wonderful to be able to have a conversation about vision, provide a simple draft, and receive back a finished, publication-ready manuscript complete with the complex graphic layouts necessary for children’s nonfiction.

Michael is meticulous and quick and at the same time flexible and unflappable when priorities and direction change. No hyperbole here—Michael is the real deal.”

— Janet Corson, CEO, Corson Consulting (under contract by becker&mayer!, LLC)


“Michael is sharp with his pen, and knows how to add value to a text, regardless of the subject. I can highly recommend Michael.”

— Claes Ericson, Founder and CEO at Stockholm Text


“I hesitantly write this recommendation knowing that it could reduce the amount of time available for Michael to work on our projects. That is the best professional compliment I can give. Michael’s passion for quality always meets and typically exceeds our expectations. He thinks about the work and the project, asking questions if something is unclear or suggesting ideas and solutions if he sees a better way of doing something. I find his attitude rare in an profession that often gets hung up on expressing its own creativity and billing hours for services rendered. Michael is also a master collaborator. He was part of a team of six on one of our projects and his quick responses and organizational skills made him the hub of the project. This is true of a second project we are currently working on. Beyond his high level of professionalism, Michael is fun person who makes each project an enjoyable endeavor – even when there are loads of stress and a big, impending deadline. Bottom line – you cannot lose by hiring Michael.”

— Link Dyrdahl, President at Rainstorm Publishing (a division of Paragon Books Ltd.)


“While developing Riley’s World, a trailblazing new massively multiplayer online game for Eaglemont Press, my associates and I at Silverlode Interactive were privileged to work directly with Michael on a daily basis. While Riley’s World was a shared vision, Michael was instrumental in providing us with direction, brand guidance, script/mission dialog, game design document content, and key quality assurance feedback. His brand management and content development skills ensured an accurate brand voice that consistently reflected the intended messaging, engagement factor, and production values necessary to achieve Eaglemont’s uncompromising quality standards. I look forward to working with Michael on future projects and will continue to do business with him at a priority over other clients and partners.”

—  Jason Faller, CEO at Silverlode Interactive